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Anukriti Goswami 
Senior Associate

New Delhi



Mergers & Acquisition

Private Equity 

Equity Financing


Media & Entertainment


Start-ups & Emerging Companies

Meet Anukriti Goswami, the legal world's very own Nancy Drew or as we like to call her, 'Detective A’.


Anukriti isn't just good at spotting hidden red flags in transaction documents; she can easily sum up an entire document without even trying! Her expertise lies in decoding complex contracts and uncovering subtle blips that the common eye overlooks.

Anukriti started her professional journey as an associate with Algo Legal in 2020 and has since worked in the VC space. When she is not negotiating opposing interests and coming to equitable solutions, she can be found planning her new travel adventures or practising a new Yoga asana she wants to master.

And let's not forget her superpower – impeccable restaurant recommendations playing a crucial part in all firm offsites and get togethers. We absolutely love it that Anukriti brings the same zest to her job and approaches even the most challenging transaction as she would approach an appealing culinary experience.

Professional Experience

Algo Legal
Argus Partners

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