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Atikant Kaur Sahni


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Atikant (or AK47 and sometimes Rajnikant given the firm's south Indian roots) was born with the talent and skill for all things transaction related. Be it complex tax structuring, restructurings or never-ending legal documentation, everything attains an air of sophistication once Atikant is involved. Partners join calls to participate only to find that AK has it more than covered. And then struggle to find a word in just so clients are aware of ‘partner’ involvement with the deal. Thats how effectively she leads negotiations and resolves ‘red flags’. 

AK has so much wow-factor about her that clients often take the time to write in to share high praise for how she leads a deal. She whips out issue lists on the most exhaustive redlines at wonder woman speed, finds middle-ground with even the most conservative counter parties and mentors her team phenomenally through it all. A true Rajnikanth of the legal field. 

When not busy explaining her complex name or complex transaction structures to clients, Atikant (not Rajinikanth, Athikanth, Ankit or Ankita) spends her time weight training, running, and preparing for her first marathon. She brings her passion for creating order through compulsive list-making to both her work and her training schedule. 

Professional Experience

Nishith Desai Associates
Chambers of Mr. Parag P. Tripathi, Senior Advocate

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