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Rajaram Legal is a law firm for entrepreneurs and investors, driven by an extremely client-centric approach.


We specialize in hands-on legal counselling for venture capital/private equity investments and exits across various sectors, including digital media, health care, retail, financial services, e-Commerce, education and technology. The firm also handles strategic legal matters such as founder agreements, venture debt, media-equity deals, employee share incentives, key management hires and business critical contracts for high-growth companies.

Apart from transaction based legal advisory for investment funds and founders, Rajaram Legal, as a firm, also acts as independent general counsel for funds such as Unilazer Ventures and Matrix Partners, solving legal matters of the funds and supporting the funds’ portfolio companies in key strategies issues.

Why We are Different

We advise investors as well as start-ups by consistently focusing on what is fair and what is needed to get a deal done efficiently. So you won’t see us swinging between “founders are liable for everything” to “founders won’t be liable for anything” from deal to deal. At the end of the day, why score brownie points when there’s a full cake to be had. 

We don’t just flag problems, we also help identify and implement business-friendly solutions. We do our best to help ease the legal diligence process and its outcome – the overwhelming conditions precedent (i.e. things to fix before the monies hit). Whether it’s streamlining the funding process with our easy-to-use templates, or condensing reports and agreements into easy-to-track checklists, our aim is to simplify things for you (and for us). 

And if that’s not all, we speaketh plain English. If you’ve ever wondered why your lawyer’s emails are like Greek and Latin – that’s cause they probably are! You also won’t see us asking you to find anything hereinabove or thereinbelow). 

What We Do

Venture Capital or its richer cousin, Private Equity and the Start-up space is what everyone wants in on. The legal stuff associated with it, not so much. Be it due diligence (where even checklists for documents are too long to action), filings to be made with all sorts of intimidating regulators (many of whom you never knew existed) and never-ending legal agreements (where you can’t get past page 4 of 85). That’s where we come in. We are a specialist law firm devoted to easing the fund- raising process right from Term Sheet to cash in bank – and everything in between. 

We love working on transactions across all sectors from the currently exotic Edtech, gaming and everything ending with tech to the tried and tested sectors like SaaS, healthcare, financial services and ecommerce. 

We advise on financings across stages from $100,000 seed deals to +$100mn late stage private equity financings and exits. We’ve seen it all and know what to look out for, no matter which side of the table you’re sat.

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Other Verticals

While we focus on fund raising and exits, we have seen far too many problematic ESOP schemes, loosely worded contracts and weak governance systems that have delayed fund raises and exits. So we also handle strategic legal matters such as founder agreements, venture debt, employee share incentives, key management hires, critical business contracts for high-growth companies, and if we’re lucky, some M&A.

“All lawyers seem to think their clients want a PhD in law. But with RL, I always get very clear concise answers and helpful recommendations based on what is market.

Ronnie Screwvala,

Founder Unilazer Ventures and Co-founder,

Thanks to RL, I’ve stopped reading agreements. They not only identify red flags but also help navigate tricky issues

Avnish Bajaj

Founder and Managing Director, Matrix Partners India

No other law firm I’ve worked just gets it the way RL does and runs with it start to finish

Virendra Gupta

Co-founder, Dailyhunt

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