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Kanchana SP
Senior Associate


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Mergers & Acquisition

Private Equity 

Equity Financing


Media & Entertainment


Start-ups & Emerging Companies

Kanchana or K$ (to be read as ‘K Money’ - her name actually means money!) is a person of few words (and many thoughts) till you get to know her. After she’s taken the time to convince you she’s an introvert, you’ll see her open up about clean beauty products (she doesn’t do sulphates or parabens), how she loves a bowl of soup even on a hot summer day and how devastated she is that BTS is “on a break”. She puts in her best efforts to keep the firm up to date with what’s hip (do people still say hip), most of the dinosaurs at the firm have no clue what or who BTS is. 

K$ is one of RL’s most earnest and diligent lawyers, and these qualities extend to her limiting plastic waste and social media usage too. Her hyper focused attention to detail, drive to grow and challenge herself and always being available to help with a smile, makes her everybody’s go-to for everything.

She is also the firm’s go-to person for all things company law related. She is super committed to squeezing in her workouts even during hectic closings, diligently checking and updating her many CP trackers and making life easier with some K-Pop and K-Drama through it all. Despite her strong conviction that she’s an introvert claiming to enjoy a good nap over all else, she’s the one who lights up all RL on-sites and offsites. And yes, she does spend her free time watching re-runs of online BTS concerts (which will just have to do for now).

Professional Experience


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