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Nikita Rajwade
Of Counsel




Mergers & Acquisition

Private Equity 

Equity Financing



Start-ups & Emerging Companies

Nikita (Nikeets) is proficient at crafty drafting and adapting (adopting?) many accents, most notable of which is the Indian French accent that sometimes slides unwittingly into a British accent (thankfully not on work calls). She knew venture capital was ‘the one’ the minute she set her eyes on her first transaction, and is super passionate about working in the VC space. She loves brainstorming on legal issues and K drama episodes alike, and when she is not busy with Series ZZZZ funding in companies, she indulges on coffee, books, face masks and diamonds (yes, that’s a crazy spectrum of indulgences and the firm is worried about losing her to Starbucks as their most loyal customer turned potential brand ambassador). Traveling is her life’s blood and she can often be seen lobbying for a Europe desk for the firm (Partners, are you listening!)

Professional Experience

Indus Law


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