Priya Makhijani
Senior Associate

Mumbai Office



Mergers & Acquisition

Private Equity 

Equity Financing


Media & Entertainment


Start-ups & Emerging Companies

Priya (more popularly known as Fryem) joined RL to pursue her passion for VC transactions. Having battled fiercely for companies and founders, she now bats for both teams helping Investors realise that everything can’t be set right with founder indemnities and helping founders realise that money is not for free. She’s the queen of bad jokes (so bad they’re good) and obsessed with all things chocolate, yoga, travel and summer dresses (in that order, but never in moderation). Typos give her the heebie-jeebies (it only counts if you say it like King Julien) and yes, she’s proof-read this profile 3.8 million times. Priya also loves geeking out over difficult questions of law, and discussing, debating and finding solutions to complex problems for her clients. Nerd alert! 

A voice of reason for all the impulsive shoppers at the firm (she really sucks the fun out of it), she ever so patiently indulges junior associates with their questions while balancing her many deals and tirelessly managing her duties as the business management lead of the firm. If it weren’t for her the firm wouldn’t even have a website.

Professional Experience

Bharucha & Partners

Algo Legal