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Raina Jog

Mumbai Office

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Raina (Re-na, not Rai-na so obviously we call her Rai-na and on most days Rhino), could potentially leave law to become a pastry chef but the firm is super lucky to have her stay in the legal profession. She is always pumped when she’s staffed on a deal, enjoys geeking out over transactions with her colleagues and is a little too responsive with all her clients. She is not just the life of the pre-game, party and after-party – she's the one who often plans everything fun at RL and can even make an onsite fun. The firm may be at risk for diabetes with (literal) mountains of Rhino baked goodies that we’re very fortunate to have only seen pics of (Re-na, feel free to change that for us). While keeping the firm updated on the latest amendments, regulations and AP Dhillon releases (get with the program, RL!), she assists clients (with a smile at that) with various form filings with regulators, licenses / registrations as effortlessly as she coaxes her friends into learning latest dance reels.

Her keen interest for problem-solving and helping a fellow out, has driven her to RL to do that in the PE / VC space. Unpopular opinion, but her favourite part of a transaction is due diligence (she likes the problematic ones). With odd sleeping patterns that befuddle everyone in her household, especially her nap loving dog, she is often up at crazy hours, either binge watching shows or getting ready to place another order for an item she does not need (Confessions of a Shopaholic sequel starring Rhino coming soon to the theatres near you).

Professional Experience

Solomon & Co

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