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Srishti Goyal


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The firm finally achieved its goal of hiring ahead of the curve with some folks being mildly nervous of having gone a bit overboard - that’s when we met Srishti and she hit it so out of the park and we just had to have her on the team. You know you’re a star when an overstaffed firm hires you. 

Srishti started her career in general corporate, anti-trust, capital markets (and wait, there’s more) banking & finance at TT&A. Lucky for us (and the industry), she decided to try out private equity transactions at Trilegal and strengthened her focus on VC/PE deals at AZB while also assisting investigations for leading MNCs and working on some truly far-reaching corporate work (from negotiating a never ending master franchise agreement to bring a leading QSR brand to India, some messy and not so messy exits from joint ventures right up to drafting first statutes for, and providing legal advisory for appointing the vice chancellor of, a leading private university). 

Having seen it all, she joined RL to focus on doing what makes her tick the most– getting deals done with ease and efficiency. While she loves figuring out and untangling a complicated SHA, her eternal quest is to make drafts simpler. Srishti brings infinite energy to the table and cheerfully offers her expert organisation skills and support in even the most mundane aspects of law firm life (all while closing high stress deals like a champion). When she is not busy giving unsolicited ‘updates’ to her team on a transaction, she loves doing yoga (casually squeezes in 108 suryanamaskars in a session), travelling and trying out new (unusual) things to eat (she has eaten jelly fish and a raw sea urchin), reading books (with a weakness for non-fiction & historical fiction) and deals with all her worries by swimming them away.

Professional Experience

AZB & Partners

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