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Vibhu Khanna
Princpial Associate


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Mergers & Acquisition

Private Equity 

Equity Financing

Restructuring Advisory


Media & Entertainment


Start-ups & Emerging Companies

Gaming and Edtech

Vibhs (Vibbs or Vibher ) is a special favorite for jumping into the trenches and shifting a negotiation from an adversarial battle to a productive conversation. With such an industry sought after skill, impressively deep voice and towering presence, Vibhs has, on occasion been confused for a senior partner (and the running joke is to prank all clients into thinking he is one!). A keen mind for drafting, and a natural at client management, Vibher cheerfully redlines documents after long negotiations (and extra points for always appreciating the growth and learning that comes with all the battleground-esque deals). 

What makes Vibher stand out, is that during happy hour he gets both drinks at one go to boost consumption and reduce time consumption, in well... consumption. It is exactly this foresight and planning he brings to all aspects in life – especially transaction management and this explains why clients connect with him right away.

We’ve heard he’s trained in Hindustani classical music, but are yet to hear any demos (though you can get him to move on the dance floor after a couple of gimlets). While Vibbhs is right up there with the rest of RL at the after-party, he is also seen exiting happy hour while busting out some exceptionally cool moves. 

Professional Experience

Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas

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